Biodiversity data in Southern Caucasus: research, education, and collaboration opportunities

Note that the symposium is postponed because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions. The Armenian National Agrarian University, the BioDATA project of the University of Oslo (Norway), and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) are happy to invite biodiversity data stakeholders, applied and fundamental researchers, nature conservation and management specialists, data publishers and data users from universities, NGOs and state agencies, specialists on the science-policy interface in Georgia and Armenia for a half-day symposium.

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Yerevan skyline with Mount Ararat in the background by Serouj Ourishian CC BY SA 3.0

Note that the symposium is postponed because of the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

The meeting will include an introduction to GBIF and its opportunities for science, education, and policy, as well as a review of existing biodiversity databases and the perspectives in Armenia and Georgia. The meeting will address national participation benefits, including funding, training, and collaboration possibilities, and it will also cover efficient solutions for data management for organizations and individuals, such as data papers and data citation. Digital representation and internet visibility in professional data networks are becoming the new norm for research and practice, and that is why this half-day symposium will cover the key aspects of this field today. The morning symposium is a public event (registration required) and also marks the start of a five-day biodiversity data course for students and postgraduates (separate registration required).


The program is aimed at participants from Armenia and Georgia and full details will be uploaded here once available.

Practical information

The symposium will take place on Monday 30 March from 09:00 to 12:00 at the Armenian National Agrarian University. The exact location of the venue will be communicated shortly.

BioDATA will provide a coffee break and lunch for the participants.


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