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Linking plant stress responses and microbial communities. Development of novel experimental methods. By Åshild Fandango Kapperud

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Mandag 3. september er det årsfest og UiOs 207-årsdag. Årsfesten er startskuddet for UiOs satsing på FNs bærekraftsmål, og det blir utdeling av priser for beste mastergrader om bærekraft, bærekraftsutstilling og foredrag og paneldebatt om ulike temaer innen bærekraft. Blant foredragsholderne som skal snakke i Universitetets Aula er GEco's Rune Halvorsen. Les mer og meld deg på her.

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Hui Tang will introduce us to DGVMs through his talk "Dynamic global vegetation model in Community Land Model (CLM) and the potential application to northern Europe".

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Hannah Haga, masterstudent ved GEco, gir oss en innføring i "ABC-modellen: Et verktøy for opplæring av kartleggere og for analyse av variasjon mellom kartleggere".

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Inger Kristine Volden will present "En halvveis historie om Lærdals skoger" (in Norwegian), based on her Masters studies in Lærdal.

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Oddvar Pedersen har fulgt strandtorn, en av våre sjeldneste plantearter, i mange år. I dette seminaret vil han presentere nye, detaljerte og spennende data.

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Peter Horvath and Inger Kristine Volden will share experiences from projects at Svalbard this summer in the talks "Using species diversity to improve the assessment of sensitive vegetation in Svalbard" (Peter Horvath and Anders L. Kolstad) and "Untangling the growth form of Saxifraga oppositifolia in Svalbard" (Inger Kristine Volden).

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Welcome to a seminar on “Flying drones, fancy weather stations, and a cold container — investigating snow-vegetation interactions in Alpine Norway” by UiO Geosciences postdocs Norbert Pirk and Simon Filhol. After their presentation, we will discuss opportunities for collaborative studies using this new research infrastructure.

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Espen Sommer Værland presenterer siste nytt fra sin masteroppgave ved GEco, i foredraget "Innholdet i Naturbase - på NiNsk".

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Olav Skarpaas inviterer til refleksjon og diskusjon rundt artikkelskriving, under overskriften "Å skrive en (NiN-)artikkel: hvordan destillere og presentere essensen av tusen tanker?" Seminaret tar for seg sentrale aspekter ved skrive- og publiseringsprosessen, med internasjonal publisering av NiN som eksempel.

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Jarl Andreas Anmarkrud, DNA lab manager at NHM, will give us an introduction to the concept of metabarcoding and invite us to discuss if this can be used to define nature types.

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In this seminar, Master student and app developer Michal Torma will recap developments and results from the project Natur i endring, introduce his Masters project, and invite us to consider possibilities for a NiN app.

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In this seminar Rune Halvorsen will present and discuss principles for systematisation of ecological diversity, based on the ongoing translation and international publication of 'Nature in Norway' (NiN).

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We are pleased to announce an exciting double seminar by two visiting bioinformatics scientists from the University of Helsinki:

Dental ecometrics: modeling relationships of mammalian communities, vegetation and climate now and in the past, by Indrė Žliobaitė.

Machine learning approaches for predicting dominant vegetation types based on climatic averages and extremes, by Rita Beigaitė.


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Welcome to the seminar “Science science fiction”, where PhD fellows Eva Lieungh Eriksen (GEco group) and Maria Ariza Salazar (PET group) will take us to the future of ecosystem metabarcoding - and beyond!

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In the seminar "Modelling spatial dynamics in plant ecology: a review" PhD fellow Eva L. Eriksen invites us to a discussion of structures in a topic that spans from local population dynamics to global dynamic vegetation models.

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Peter and Eva have been to NCAR in Boulder, Colorado to learn about the Community Terrestrial Systems Model (CTSM) and its new vegetation module, the Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES). Eva will introduce the models, and Peter will talk about his experience using FATES.

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Welcome to the seminar “Urban biodiversity: measurement and modelling challenges for a policy-relevant ecology”, where professor Olav Skarpaas (GEco group)  will present some ongoing work on biodiversity in Oslo.

Many cities are situated in areas with high biodiversity. Oslo offers an excellent example of this challenging combination of being both a human and a biodiversity hotspot. Olav will present methodological challenges as well as solutions to quantifying rare biodiversity elements and assess the magnitude of human impact. This involves uncertainties at several levels, but may serve as a starting point for defining and estimating reference states and building biodiversity and ecosystem accounts.

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Julie Brastein Halvorsen vil fortelle om sin masteroppgave om urbane natursystemer i Oslo, med artsregistreringer og NiN-kartlegging i fin målestokk.

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In this seminar, PhD fellow Peter Horvath (GEco and LATICE) invites us to a discussion of the ideas in his thesis paper 'For better or worse? Comparison of three spatial modelling methods for describing the vegetation mantle'.

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The Geo-Ecology research group (GEco) is having their spring seminar at Hotel Victoria in Fredrikstad 14-15. May 2013.