Point alignments

Detection of linear alignments in a 2D point pattern, using the continuous sector method (Hammer 2009). Typical applications are in geology and geography, to study the distribution of earthquakes, volcanoes, springs etc. associated with faults and other linear structures.

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The Radius parameter sets the scale of analysis. In the example above, lineaments of length 1200 m (twice the radius) are detected.

Alpha sets the significance level for the Rayleigh test used by the procedure. Note that this is a pointwise significance, not corrected for the multiple testing of all the points.

The Dispersion filter disables alignments with uneven distribution of points along the lineament.

View numbers lists the alignment positions and their orientations, which can be subjected to circular statistics if required (Directions module).


Hammer, Ø. 2009. New methods for the statistical detection of point alignments. Computers & Geosciences 35:659-666.

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