Measure on image

A simple tool to digitize point co-ordinates, distances and directions on images. Click “Open’” to open an image. A list of measurements is given on the right. If you start this tool with selected data in the main spreadsheet, these data will be pre-loaded into the measurement list. The measurement list can be copy-pasted back to the Past spreadsheet with the “Copy all” button.

New measurements will enter in the selected row in the list. You can move a point by clicking on the row in the list, then clicking on the new position in the image. You can also delete or insert points in the list. 

If you just click in the image, you will digitize the x and y position in pixels. There is currently no automatic scaling so you need to do this “manually” if required, using e.g. the “Evaluate expression” function in Past. This type of data is appropriate for the “point pattern analysis”, “Landmarks (2D)” and “Outline” analyses in Past. For landmark and outline analysis, you will need to re-format the data so that each specimen goes in a row and the landmarks go in columns, using e.g. the “Grouped rows to multivar” function in the Edit->Rearrange menu. 

If you click and drag in the image, you will digitize the starting position as well as the angle (direction) and length of the line. The angle is given in degrees, counterclockwise, starting from east (mathematical convention).