Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

The NHMO DNA Bank and the Bird and Mammal Collections have adopted the Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) provided by CETAF (the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities), with some local adaptations. These are available as PDF forms below.

Loan of samples

Genetic samples – Blood, tissues (incl. from study skins etc.), DNA extracts etc.

  • Please use MTA1 (version 14.02.2020)

The form should be filled in electronically if possible.

Please fill in your details on page 2, and sign on page 5. Signature can be applied electronically, or by printing page 5, signing and then scanning it.

Send the completed MTA (including the scanned page 5 if not signed electronically) together with the loan request (see Grant policy) to the NHMO DNA Bank. A completed version of the MTA will be returned together with other loan documents.


Preserved objects – Study skins, mounts, eggs etc.

Submission of samples

For submission of samples collected by other than NHMO staff, or collected by NHMO staff during periods when they were not associated with the NHMO.

  • Please use MTA3 (version 07.01.2022).

Fill in all relevant fields (preferably by filling in and saving the form electronically), then print out page 5 and sign this.

Scan the signed page and send this, along with the rest of the MTA, to the NHMO DNA Bank.


Published Jan. 13, 2017 8:32 AM - Last modified Jan. 7, 2022 10:14 AM