Participants in Plant Evolution and DNA Metabarcoding (PET)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Hugo de Boer Associate Professor +47-22851875 98126030 (mob) +47 98126030 Biology, Medicinal plants, Botany Systematics, Orchidaceae, Molecular identification, Plant DNA barcoding, Ethnobotany, ION-Torrent PGM, Botany, Cucurbitaceae
Christian Brochmann Professor +47 22851611
Anneleen Kool Senior Lecturer +47-22851612 40648061 (mob) +47 40 64 80 61 Ethnobotany, DNA barcoding, Ancient DNA, Viking Age, Caryophyllaceae, Phylogenetics, Plant evolution, Medicinal plants
Michael Nowak Researcher +47-22851750 +47-91386679 (mob)
Abel Gizaw Seid Postdoctoral Fellow
A. Lovisa S. Gustafsson Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22851824
Irene Teixidor Toneu Postdoctoral Fellow ethnobotany, medicinal plants, conservation, biodiversity, cultural evolution
Siri Birkeland Doctoral Research Fellow
Brecht Verstraete Senior Executive Officer +47-22851747 +47-90221301 (mob)
Desalegn Chala Gelete Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22851814
Maria Ariza Salazar Doctoral Research Fellow
Margret Veltman Doctoral Research Fellow
Filip Kolár Researcher +47-22851808
Galina Gusarova Researcher +47 22851614 phylogeography, DNA metabarcoding, Plant systematics, phylogenetics, species delimitation, Euphrasia taxonomy
Dimitar Stefanov Dimitrov +47-22851671 Computational systematics, Molecular systematics, Macroecology, Biogeography and phylogeography, Phylogenetics, Biodiversity and conservation, Spiders systematics, Evolutionary biology, Phylogenomics