Field trip

The Quartz2020 excursion aims to visit industrial mineral, i.e. quartz, and metal deposits situated in the Bamble and Kongsberg tectonometamorphic complexes of the Sveconorwegian (Grenvillian) orogeny (1145–900 Ma).

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Litangen quartzite mine, Kragerø

During the first day, 9 June, excursion stops comprise the active Litangen and Snekkevik quartzite mines at Kilsfjord and the historic Lindvikskollen and Tangen pegmatite mines of the Kragerø area. Due to access restrictions it is probably the first time that an international excursion is allowed to visit the legendary Tangen pegmatite mine, where the world largest phenakite crystals (beryllium silicate) were found.

During the second day, the granitic pegmatites of the remote Tørdal field will be explored. An open air barbeque will be organized at the Høydalen pegmatite mine, famous for its large amazonite and lepidolite crystals.

During the third excursion day the historical Kongsberg silver mines “Kongens gruve” and “Gottes Hülfe in der Not” will be visited. The mines were in operation from 1623 until 1958. The trip to Kongsberg includes a visit to mining museum with the world largest exhibition of native silver.

The excursion is limited to 25 participants. Accommodation for both nights will be at the Gautefall Ski Centre (covered by the excursion fee), a traditional Norwegian mountainous recreation place. In the afternoon of the last excursion day, 11 June, participants have the choice to be delivered to Oslo city centre or the Oslo airport Gardermoen."

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