QUARTZ2021 - International Symposium on Quartz

The conference gathers petrologists, mineralogists, sedimentologists, economic geologists and mining and processing engineers having one study object in common: quartz.


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Quartz is one of the most abundant rock-forming constituents, which is more and more utilized for the better understanding of petrogenetic processes. Quartz is also a crucial industrial mineral being the raw material for silicon metal and silica glass and their broad applications, such as solar panel manufacturing for the production of renewable energy.

About the conference

There will be a post-conference field trip to the Kragerø and Tørdal areas in south Norway June 6–11, 2021. For this excursion separate registration is required.

Registration for the conference and excursions starts December 1 2020.

Tønsberg is a beautiful coastal city in south Norway.  It is regarded as the oldest town in Norway, founded by Vikings in the 9th century. Geologically Tønsberg lies in the Carboniferous-Permian Oslo rift and is famous for its red variety of Larvikite, a monzonitic rock, which was named Tønsbergite by Waldemar Brøgger in 1898.

The technical meeting, for which you are invited to register (registration opens 1st December 2021), will be held at the Støperiet (Foundry) in Tønsberg, south Norway, from June 6 to June 11, 2021. The meeting begins June 6 late afternoon with registration and icebreaker party. This will be followed by two days of technical sessions.