Protistology Nordics meeting

Welcome to the Protistology Nordics meeting at the Natural History Museum in Oslo, 10–11 May, 2022.

About the meeting

Protistology Nordics 2022 is designed to promote scientists in Nordic countries that study the genetics, cell biology, ecology, and evolution of protists. We will meet from 10–11 May in Oslo. The aims of this meeting are to provide a regional forum for early-career and advanced researchers to present their protistan work, and to establish a society that will continue to meet and promote protistan research. All talks and posters will be presented in person. 

The International Society of Protistologists (ISOP) is supporting Protistology Nordics by providing funds for student travel awards (for students who are ISOP members), talk/poster prises, and for general running costs. Talks will be streamed using ISOP’s Zoom license. 

The Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo is supporting Protistology Nordics by providing the meeting rooms. 

Logo designed by Corey Holt (University of British Columbia).


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