The Norwegian collection

The Norwegian collection of Lepidoptera is the largest in the country and includes about 150 000 specimens in 1500 drawers (January 16, 2008). We aim to have all species of Norwegian Lepidoptera represented in our collection. In addition, we want the collection to document the distribution of every species in the country. The Norwegian collection is growing steadily thanks to all the collectors who every year contribute with interesting material.

A lot of information on Norwegian Lepidoptera can be found here.

The world collection

Most of our older specimens were donated by W.M. Schøyen, E. Barca, K. Haanshus, J. Rygge and other lepidopterists who were active in the period from around 1860 until 1930. These days we acquire new material from the group of lepidopterists actively working since about 1970. In 2003 we were given a large collection of Danish Macrolepidoptera (Jens Ingwersen collection). In 2005 Michael Fibiger (Denmark) donated to our museum a part of his collection, which greatly improved our holdings, particularly in the family Noctuidae. We estimate our world collection of Lepidoptera to consist of ca. 40 000 specimens in 800 drawers (January 16, 2008).

The strength in the world collection

Our world collection has a fairly good representation of European species. The family Noctuidae is well represented from other parts of the Palaearctic region as well.

Entomologists who have contributed to our Lepidoptera collection

  • Barca, Emil (1888-1944)
  • Buertange, Per
  • Edland, Torgeir (1932-1999)
  • Esmark, Lauritz Martin (1806-1884)
  • Fjelddalen, Jacob (1898-2002)
  • Haanshus, Karl (1860-1937)
  • Hansen, Lars Ove
  • Ingwersen, Jens (Danish Macrolepidoptera)
  • Jensen, Fritz (1890-1961)
  • Lønnve, Ole-Jørgen
  • Kobro, Sverre
  • Olsen, Kjell Magne
  • Opheim, Magne (1898-1987)
  • Rygge, Johan (1868-1944)
  • Schøyen, Wilhelm Maribo (1844-1918)
  • Siebke, Johan Heinrich Spalckhawer (1816-1875)
  • Søli, Geir E. E.
  • Strand, Embrik (1876-1947)
  • Svendsen, Svein

Lepidopterists currently collaborating with our museum

  • Bakke, Alf
  • Bakke, Sigurd A.
  • Berggren, Kai
  • Christensen, Rune
  • Christiansen, Claus
  • Fibiger, Michael
  • Hansen, Sigmund K.
  • Hatlen, Halvard
  • Nagypal, Tony
  • Nedreberg, Per S.
  • Olsen, Thor Jan
  • Schanke, Ole Geir
  • Seglen, Per
  • Sørlibråten, Ove
  • Voith, Reidar

Lepidopterists currently working at the museum

  • Aarvik, Leif (area of expertise: European Lepidoptera, African Tortricidae)

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