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The helminth collection

The helminth collection is responsible for 22 invertebrate taxa (also known as phyla). One special focus of the collection is on parasites infecting fishes such as monogeneans (Monogenea, Gyrodactylus) and flukes (Digenea, Phyllodistomum), as well as on round worms (Nematoda, Elaphostrongylus) infecting deers (Cervidae) due to past and recent research. Another taxon with special research interest is polychaetes (Annelida).  

The collection is responsible for these taxa:

  1. PROTOZOANS (a collective term for unicellular organisms with a nucleus, but without photosynthetic capabilities)
  2. ANIMALS (Metazoa – multicellular organisms)
    1. PLACOZOANS (Placozoa)
    2. MYXOZOANS (Myxozoa; now a subgroup of Cnidaria) 
    3. ACOELOMORPHS (Acoelomorpha) including:
      • Acoels (Acoela) 
      • Nemertodermatans (Nemertodermata)
    4. XENOTURBELLIDS (Xenoturbella)
    5. KINORYNCHS (Kinorhyncha)
    6. LORICIFERS (Loricifera)
    7. PENIS WORMS or PRIAPULIDS (Priapulida)
    8. ROUNDWORMS (Nematoda)
    9. HORSEHAIR or GORDIAN WORMS (Nematomorpha)
    10. ARROW WORMS (Chaetognatha)
    11. ORTHONECTIDES (Orthonectida; originally part of Mesozoa)
    12. RHOMBOZOANS (Rhombozoa or Dicyemida; originally part of Mesozoa)
    13. JAW WORMS (Gnathostomulida)
    14. MICROGNATHOZOANS (Micrognathozoa)
    15. SYNDERMATANS (Syndermata) including:
      • Rotifers or wheel animals (Rotifera)
      • Spiny-headed worms (Acanthocephala)
    16. GASTROTRICHS (Gastrotricha)
    17. FLATWORMS (Platyhelminthes) including:
      • Turbellarians (free-living flatworms)
      • Monogeneans (Monogenea)
      • Flukes (Digenea)
      • Tape worms (Cestoda)
    18. CYCLIOPHORANS or WHEEL BEARERS (Cycliophora)
    19. RIBBON WORMS (Nemertea)
    20. HORSESHOE WORMS (Phoronida)
    21. MOSS ANIMALS or BRYOZOANS (Bryozoa or Ectoprocta)
    22. SEGMENTED WORMS (Annelida) including:
      • Polychaetes (marine bristle worms)
      • Oligochaetes (earthworms and kin)
      • Leeches (Hirudinea)
      • Beard, giant tube or red tube worms (Siboglinidae, subgroups are Pogonophora & Vestimentifera)
      • Spoon worms (Echiura)
      • Peanut worms or sipunculans (Sipuncula)
      • Myzostomids (Myzostomida)

 Leder: Professor Torsten H. Struck; overingeniør: Ann-Helén Rønning

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