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Fungarium O (the fungal collections at NHM)

The fungal collections at the Natural History Museum in Oslo (Fungarium O) are the main collections for documenting fungal occurrences in Norway. Other fungaria are found in Bergen (BG), Trondheim (TRH), Tromsø (TROM), and NIBIO (previously Skog og Landskap/Skogforsk and Bioforsk/Planteforsk).

The fungarium at the Natural History Museum in Oslo comprises about 350.00 fungal specimens, divided into a Nordic fungarium (ca. 240.000 specimens), a general (foreign) fungarium (ca. 80.000), a type collection (ca. 1200) and a collection of exsiccatae (ca. 30.000).

There are collections of all groups of fungi, mainly from Norway and the Arctic. The fungarium includes i.e. the collections of Søren Chr. Sommerfelt (1794-1838), consisting mainly of ascomycetes, and Ivar Jørstad (1886-1967), consisting mainly of micromycetes from Norway, the Arctic and Macaronesia. The Nordic fungarium houses extensive collections by Finn-Egil Eckblad (1923-2000). A large share of the general fungarium consists of polyporaceous and corticiaceous fungi collected and identified by Leif Ryvarden (1935-). Digitalization of the fungarium labels started in 1995, and at present more than 60% of the fungarium is digitized. All new incoming collections are digitized. 

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On the NBIC webpage Artsnavnebasen, you will find updated scientific and Norwegian vernacular names for fungi.


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