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Norwegian Hall – Animals and Their Habitats

Explore the fauna and nature types of Norway in this diorama exhibition. From sculpins at the bottom of coastal waters to ptarmigans dwelling on exposed mountain tops. 

utstoppede rovfugler i utstilling

Norwegian Hall has been a permanent part of our exhibitions since 1980. The exhibition comprise over 50 displays with recreated nature types of Norway accompanied with typical animals of those habitats – also known as natural history dioramas. 

The exhibits are build with a gradual inclination, depicting a travel from life along the coast to mountain animals of the inner parts of Norway. In the last part of the exhibition, visitors will also get to know the Arctic life of the Svalbard archipelago. 

Next to each diorama is a digital touch-screen with more information on the animals displayed. 


Rare exhibits

In addition to taxidermy animals, the dioramas are constructed with life-like background paintings and installations made by artists that depict natural objects like vegetation and rocks of the respective habitats. Such exhibits are very time consuming and expensive to create. One of the artists heavily involved in setting up these exhibits lived eight years at the museum to finalize the displays of Norwegian Hall and Animals of the World

Similar dioramas at museums around the world have over the years been taken down and substituted with other exhibitions. Our diorama exhibitions are therefore representing a special portrayal of natural diversity that is getting increasingly rare. 

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