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The Rock Garden

Bildet kan inneholde: hage, naturlig landskap, vegetasjon, botanisk hage, tre.
Photo: Ragna Bruland

The Rock Garden is a miniature mountain landscape, with rocky ridges and hillsides surrounded by grass­-covered valleys and slopes. Terrain, water and plants together create a vivid impression of the great diversity of plants found in mountainous areas all over the world.

The peak blooming season is spring/early summer, but there are always some plants in bloom or fruit throughout the season.

Practically all the plants are grown from seeds collected in the wild. All are perennials and are not moved indoors in winter. You will usually find between 1500 and 1700 different kinds of plants here.

The Rock Garden opened in 1989. Inspired by alpine garden in the Alps, it is divided into geographical areas. Plants from the same parts of the world are located together, with Europe at the bottom, Asia in the middle, and America at the top. The creek is artificial with circulating water. It ends in a small waterfall cascading into the bottom pond.

The Rock Garden is in continuous development and expansion. Plants are tested here every year, and not all of them make it; the plant selection is adjusted accordingly.


Long history

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the official opening of The Rock Garden, June 4th 1989. The plans of establishing the garden dates back to the 1950's. 

The construction of the garden started in 1968 and was supervised by the Botanical Garden manager of the time, professor Rolf Berg. The structures of the garden – such as the little streams, waterfalls and ponds – were artificially made by employees of the Botanical Garden over 20 years. Most of the work were limited to fall since the gardeners were occupied with ordinary gardening tasks during spring and summer. See historical photos from the building process in the image gallery below. 

Source : Botanisk hage 1814-2014 – Historien om en hage, av Liv Borgen (Press) 

Historical photos from The Rock Garden

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