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The Aromatic Garden

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Photo: Ragna Bruland

This small hexagonal garden is a delight for your nose – all the plants here are fragrant. Some have fragrant flowers, others aromatic leaves. Feel free to touch the plants in this garden! They are planted in raised beds, easily accessible for wheelchair­bound visitors or for the visually impaired.

Some aromatic plant constituents, like menthol from mint and thymol from thyme, are used in manufacturing. They are used as additives for flavor and aroma in candy, confectionary, liquors, soaps, toothpaste and cough syrup.  
Many of the plants in the Aromatic Garden are familiar culinary herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano, summer savory and marjoram. The aromatic constituents are primarily volatile essential oils which easily evaporate. Plants with high contents of such oils often have other ingredients with physiological effects as well, and many of the plants in this garden are traditional medicinal herbs.

Why do plants smell?

The fragrances of plants are there to either attract or repel animals. Insects are lured to the plant to ensure its pollination. Repellent fragrances are the plants’ defense against parasites and other threatening organisms.  – It’s the pleasant fragrances that dominate in the Aromatic Garden!

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