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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Kopperud, Bjørn Tore Researcher
Picture of Karenina Kriszat Kriszat, Karenina Head of Communication + 47 41441605 Communication, Science Outreach, Press Officer, Strategy, Web editor, Social media
Picture of Liv Guro Kvernstuen Kvernstuen, Liv Guro Senior Engineer +47-22851683 +47 95 12 62 61
Picture of Karl-Henrik Larsson Larsson, Karl-Henrik Professor +47-22851624
Picture of Torkjell Leira Leira, Torkjell Adviser +47-22851681 Brazil, Human rights, Climate change, Biodiversity, Indigenous peoples, Project management, Amazon, Deforestation, Rainforest, REDD+
Picture of Jan T. Lifjeld Lifjeld, Jan T. Professor +47 22851726 Biology, DNA barcoding, Evolution, Birds, Sex and sexual conflict, Sperm cells, Systematics
Picture of Franz-Josef Lindemann Lindemann, Franz-Josef Head Engineer +47-22851659
Picture of Tone Lindheim Lindheim, Tone Museum Director +47-22851722 +47 97 07 94 59
Picture of Lee Hsiang Liow Liow, Lee Hsiang Associate Professor +47-22855078
Picture of Øystein Lofthus Lofthus, Øystein Lecturer
Picture of Bjørn Petter Løfall Løfall, Bjørn Petter Head Engineer +47-22851619
Picture of Jon Lønnve Lønnve, Jon Section Manager +47-22851753 +47-47805076
Picture of Andreas Løvold Løvold, Andreas Chief Research Technician 93416348 +47 934 16 348
Picture of Trude Magnussen Magnussen, Trude Doctoral Research Fellow Biogeography, Entomology, Systematics, Biodiversity, Diptera, Speciation
Picture of Vincent Manzanilla Manzanilla, Vincent +47-22851656 Metabarcoding, Biology, Etnobotany, Medicinal Plants, Botany, Barcoding, ION-Torrent PGM, Morocco
Picture of Petter Zahl Marki Marki, Petter Zahl
Picture of Gunnhild M Marthinsen Marthinsen, Gunnhild M Head Engineer +47-22851874 +47-99535482 Biological diversity, NorBOL, Systematics, Genetic resources, DNA barcoding, Biodiversity, Botany, Zoology, Evolution
Picture of Sabrina Mazzoni Mazzoni, Sabrina +47 97 73 73 11
Picture of Fridtjof Mehlum Mehlum, Fridtjof Researcher +47 22851723 +47 95827782
Picture of Isak Messihi Messihi, Isak Workshop leader
Midtøy, Cecilie Greenhouse gardener
Picture of Tor Salve Mjaaland Mjaaland, Tor Salve Principal Engineer +47-22851741
Picture of Anne Molia Molia, Anne Head Engineer +47-22851745
Picture of Axel Müller Müller, Axel Professor +47-22851689 Geology, Petrology
Picture of Nina Myrland Myrland, Nina Chief Research Technician +47-22851741 +47-90501157