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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Christian Brochmann Brochmann, Christian Professor +47 22851611
Picture of David Bruton Bruton, David Professor em. 22 85 16 68
Picture of Inge Bryhni Bryhni, Inge Senior Conservator Emeritus +47-22851641 Geology
Picture of Anders Bryn Bryn, Anders Associate Professor +47 93039782 Biodiversity, Biogeography, Cultural heritage, Distribution modelling, Ecological climatology, Forest lines, GIS, Landscape ecology, Treelines, Vegetation mapping
Picture of Thomas Brånå Brånå, Thomas Adviser +47 22856374
Picture of Petter Bøckman Bøckman, Petter Lecturer +47 22851642 98466206 + 47 98 46 62 06 Museum lecturer, Zoology, Ecology, Evolution, Museum pedagogy, Research communication, Exhibitions
Picture of Tor Carlsen Carlsen, Tor Section Manager +47 22851711
Picture of Nélia Castro Castro, Nélia Head Engineer +47 22851641 +4740249840 Geology, petrography
Picture of José Cerca de Oliveira Cerca de Oliveira, José PhD Candidate
Picture of Pawan Chanana Chanana, Pawan Executive Officer +47 22851768 Museum shop, tickets
Chimal Ballesteros, Jesus Adrian Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marit Ellen Christiansen Christiansen, Marit Ellen Professor Emeritus +47 22851684
Picture of Fabrice Dal Bo Dal Bo, Fabrice Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Marie Danielsen Danielsen, Marie Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hugo de Boer de Boer, Hugo Professor, Group Leader +4798126030 Biology, Botany, Molecular identification, Plant DNA barcoding, ION-Torrent PGM, Botany Systematics, Orchidaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Ethnobotany, Medicinal plants
Picture of Gry Ekrem Ekrem, Gry Senior Executive Officer +47 22851820 +47 94332299
Picture of Tore Oldeide Elgvin Elgvin, Tore Oldeide Communication Advisor and Web Editor +47 22 84 11 40 +47 480 06 056
Picture of Didrik Ellefsen Ellefsen, Didrik Higher Executive Officer +47 988 11 326 Climate change, Klimahuset
Picture of Hallvard Elven Elven, Hallvard +47 22851883
Picture of Reidar Elven Elven, Reidar Professor Emeritus +47 22851632 +47 98658996
Picture of Dag Endresen Endresen, Dag Chief Engineer +47 22851654 +47 40612982
Picture of Victoria  Sjøholt Engelschiøn Engelschiøn, Victoria Sjøholt Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22851886
Picture of Toril Enger Enger, Toril Principal Engineer +47 22851779
Picture of Eva  Lieungh Eriksen Eriksen, Eva Lieungh Doctoral Research Fellow plant ecology, GIS, Distribution modelling, NiN, Mapping
Picture of Jan Erik Eriksen Eriksen, Jan Erik Principal Engineer +47 22851636