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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Christian Brochmann Brochmann, Christian Professor +47 22851611
Picture of David Bruton Bruton, David Professor em. 22 85 16 68
Picture of Inge Bryhni Bryhni, Inge Senior Conservator Emeritus +47-22851641 Geology
Picture of Anders Bryn Bryn, Anders Associate Professor +47-93039782 Cultural heritage, Landscape ecology, Biodiversity, Biogeography, GIS, Treelines, Ecological climatology, Vegetation mapping, Distribution modelling, Forest lines
Picture of Thomas Brånå Brånå, Thomas Adviser +47-22856374
Picture of Petter Bøckman Bøckman, Petter Lecturer +47-22851642 98466206 + 47 98 46 62 06 Exhibitions, Evolution, Ecology, Museum pedagogy, Museum lecturer, Research communication, Zoology
Picture of Tor Carlsen Carlsen, Tor Section Manager +47-22851711
Picture of Diana Carneiro Carneiro, Diana Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851827 Biology;
Picture of Nèlia Castro Castro, Nèlia Head Engineer +47-22851641 +4740249840 petrography, Geology
Picture of José Cerca de Oliveira Cerca de Oliveira, José PhD Candidate
Picture of Pawan Chanana Chanana, Pawan Executive Officer +47-22851768
Picture of Marit Ellen Christiansen Christiansen, Marit Ellen Professor Emeritus +47-22851684
Picture of Hugo de Boer de Boer, Hugo Associate Professor +47-22851875 98126030 +47 98126030 Biology, Medicinal plants, Botany Systematics, Orchidaceae, Molecular identification, Plant DNA barcoding, Ethnobotany, ION-Torrent PGM, Botany, Cucurbitaceae
Picture of Lene Liebe Delsett Delsett, Lene Liebe Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851661 90134531
Picture of Dimitar Stefanov Dimitrov Dimitrov, Dimitar Stefanov +47-22851671 Computational systematics, Molecular systematics, Macroecology, Biogeography and phylogeography, Phylogenetics, Biodiversity and conservation, Spiders systematics, Evolutionary biology, Phylogenomics
Picture of Gry Ekrem Ekrem, Gry Higher Executive Officer +47-22851820 +47-94332299
Picture of Tore Oldeide Elgvin Elgvin, Tore Oldeide Communication Advisor and Web Editor
Picture of Hallvard Elven Elven, Hallvard +47 22851883
Picture of Reidar Elven Elven, Reidar Professor Emeritus +47-22851632 +47-98658996
Picture of Dag Endresen Endresen, Dag Senior Engineer +47-22851654 +47-40612982
Picture of Toril Enger Enger, Toril Principal Engineer +47-22851779
Eriksen, Eva Lieungh Doctoral Research Fellow plant ecology, GIS, Distribution modelling, NiN, Mapping
Picture of Jan Erik Eriksen Eriksen, Jan Erik Principal Engineer +47-22851636
Picture of Lars Erikstad Erikstad, Lars Researcher +47-22851617
Picture of Finn Ervik Ervik, Finn Researcher +47-22851826 +47-95988531