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Visiting address Sars gate 1 0562 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1172, Blindern 0318 Oslo

Academic interests

Trond Simensen's research is focused on landscape ecology, physical geography, distribution modelling and the study of patterns of diversity in Earth's biotic and abiotic processes and features. Simensen is interested in drivers and effects of environmental change at the ecosystem and landscape level; distribution modelling of species and ecosystems; spatial planning; conservation strategies; nature management; remote sensing; geographical information systems (GIS).


Simensen is originally trained as a landscape architect and spatial planner (Cand. agric. University of Life Sciences in Norway 2001). He is currently working on a PhD-project in ecology at the University of Oslo. He also holds a position as a senior adviser at the Norwegian Environment Agency in Trondheim. He was a visiting scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison i 2019, where he worked with landscape ecology at the Turner lab. He has experience from nature management, conservation planning, landscape planning and environmental impact assessment related to large scale development projects.


Tags: Landscape ecology, Distribution modelling, Geografi


  • Horvath, Peter; Halvorsen, Rune; Simensen, Trond & Bryn, Anders (2021). A comparison of three ways to assemble wall-to-wall maps from distribution models of vegetation types. GIScience & Remote Sensing. ISSN 1548-1603. 58(8), p. 1458–1476. doi: 10.1080/15481603.2021.1996313. Full text in Research Archive
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  • Halvorsen, Rune; Skarpaas, Olav; Bryn, Anders; Bratli, Harald; Erikstad, Lars & Simensen, Trond [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2020). Towards a systematics of ecodiversity: the Ecosyst framework. Global Ecology and Biogeography. ISSN 1466-822X. 29(11), p. 1887–1906. doi: 10.1111/geb.13164. Full text in Research Archive
  • Simensen, Trond; Horvath, Peter; Vollering, Julien; Erikstad, Lars; Halvorsen, Rune & Bryn, Anders (2020). Composite landscape predictors improve distribution models of ecosystem types. Diversity and Distributions: A journal of biological invasions and biodiversity. ISSN 1366-9516. 26(8), p. 928–943. doi: 10.1111/ddi.13060. Full text in Research Archive
  • Simensen, Trond; Halvorsen, Rune & Erikstad, Lars (2018). Methods for landscape characterisation and mapping: A systematic review. Land Use Policy. ISSN 0264-8377. 75, p. 557–569. doi: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2018.04.022. Full text in Research Archive

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  • Simensen, Trond; Panzacchi, Manuela; Van Moorter, Bram & Stange, Erik (2022). GreenPlan – The Norwegian Green Infrastructure Network & decision-support tools for Land Prioritization, Scenario, and Impact assessment.
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  • Simensen, Trond; Halvorsen, Rune; Erikstad, Lars & Bakkestuen, Vegar (2018). A gradient perspective on landscape classification.
  • Asmervik, Sigmund & Simensen, Trond (2005). The roots of ecourbanism.
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  • Simensen, Trond (2021). Mapping and analysis of landscape diversity. Thesis for the degree for Philosophiae Doctor (PhD). University of Oslo, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Natural History Museum.

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