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Associate Professor (Førsteamanuensis) of Resource- and Environmental Geology at the University of Oslo.
Cand. Real. (Geology; Petrology / Mineralogy / Geochemistry).

Special fields

General geochemistry (the chemistry of the Earth).
Metallogenesis (how mineral deposits and ore deposits form).
Igneous petrogenesis (how magmatic rocks form).
CO2 and the "Greenhouse Effect" / "Global Warming".
Environmental geochemistry of ore deposits and mining activities.


  • Segalstad, Tom Victor (2015). Sogneberg gruver – Sognsvannsgruvene.. Før og Nå. Årsskrift. Sogn Kultur- og Historielag..  ISSN 1504-6478.  12, s 41- 56
  • Segalstad, Tom Victor (2012). Hvordan ble Kongsberg-sølvet dannet?. Bergverksmuseets skriftserie.  ISSN 0800-1855.  (49), s 101- 116

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