Anne-Barbi Nilsen

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Room 219 in Lid's house
Available hours Most likely on Thursdays (occasionally Wednesdays) or another day by agreement.
Visiting address Sars gate 1 0562 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1172, Blindern 0318 Oslo

Academic interests

Geomatics, especially GIS and cartography. Additionally, I prefer a bit of scripting, programming and batching (sql, python, vba and good old bat files. I'm bat girl.) Prefer open source software like QGIS and PostgreSQL, but may use ArcGIS if it is desirable. Shape and color are important - what's the point with maps if they do not serve the purpose?

Map to the people; I recommend using more maps in reports to view occurrences and statistics. Table, chart or map? Why not all three, or two of them. Making a good chart or a good table can largely follow many of the same principles for making a good map.

I'm happy to assist colleagues and students with geomatics-related tasks, such as obtaining geographic data, making maps (simple, atlas), GIS analyzes, automating production lines a.o.

On occasion, I also give internal QGIS courses (some are advertised here on the GEco page).


Assist with some GIS teaching, data preparation, SW and field-PC in courses (BIO4115 and BIO4120) at UiO.
Lectures in GMFO120 Photogrammetry 1 at NMBU.


Master of Geomatics from NMBU (formerly NLH). Research assistant and phd-studies at NMBU.
14 years as a GIS employee at NIBIO (formerly NIJOS and Skog og landskap).
I have worked on various aid projects in Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and South Sudan.

Tags: GIS, cartography, field-PC


  • Haga, Hannah Emma Emilie Strømsrud; Nilsen, Anne-Barbi; Ullerud, Heidrun Asgeirsdatter & Bryn, Anders (2021). Quantification of accuracy in field-based land cover maps: A new method to separate different components. Applied Vegetation Science.  ISSN 1402-2001.  24(2), s 1- 13 . doi: 10.1111/avsc.12578
  • Nilsen, Anne-Barbi; Stensgaard, Kari & Wallin, Hanne Gro (2013). Nettbrett til seterregistrering. Kart og plan.  ISSN 0047-3278.  73(3), s 179- 185 Show summary
  • Solberg, Svein; Astrup, Rasmus Andreas; Breidenbach, Johannes; Nilsen, Anne-Barbi & Weydahl, Dan Johan (2013). Monitoring spruce volume and biomass with InSAR data from TanDEM-X. Remote Sensing of Environment.  ISSN 0034-4257.  139, s 60- 67 . doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2013.07.036 Show summary

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  • Horvath, Peter; Nilsen, Anne-Barbi & Bryn, Anders (2019). Oppsett og tilrettelegging av QGIS for NiN naturtypekartlegging. UiO Naturhistorisk museum Rapport. 83. Show summary
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  • Nilsen, Anne B. (2018). Automatisert kartproduksjon, skjemaregistrering og lure triks i QGIS.
  • Wollan, Anders Kvalvåg; Bratli, Harald; Bryn, Anders; Eriksen, Eva Lieungh; Nilsen, Anne-Barbi; Ullerud, Heidrun Asgeirsdatter & Halvorsen, Rune (2018). Test av metoder for etterkontroll av kvalitet i naturtypekart etter NiN versjon 2, på Jeløya 2017. Natur i Norge FoU-Rapport 2..
  • Bjørkelo, Knut; Nilsen, Anne-Barbi & Frydenlund, Jostein (2017). Kartografi for AR5. NIBIO Rapport. 153. Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Nilsen, Anne-Barbi (2016). Kartografi og QGIS.
  • Nilsen, Anne-Barbi (2016). Kjapt, trygt og billig med åpen kildekode.
  • Bjørkelo, Knut; Bjørnerød, Astrid & Nilsen, Anne-Barbi (2014). Kartografi til AR5. Rapport fra Skog og landskap. 10/14. Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
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