Abel Gizaw Seid

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Visiting address Sars gate 1 Lids hus 0562 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1172, Blindern 0318 Oslo


  • PhD Botanical Sciences, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)
  • MSc Applied Genetics, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)
  • BSc in Forestry Sciences, Debub University (Ethiopia)

Research Interest

My research interests revolve around questions related to plant speciation and evolution by using several approaches in biogeography, phylogeography, phylogenetics, and speciation genetics. I currently collaborate on a project that combines genetic data and prediction modeling to predict the response of afro-alpine plant taxa to changing climates.

Selected publications

Gizaw A, Wondimu T, Mugizi F, Masao C, Abdi A, Popp M, Ehrich D, Nemomissa S, Brochmann C. Vicariance, dispersal, and genetic structuring in a naturally fragmented system: the afro-alpine endemics Carex monostachya and C. runssoroensis (Cyperaceae). Alpine Botany (In press)

Gizaw A, Brochmann C, Nemomissa S,  Wondimu T, Masao C,  Mugizi F, Abdi A, Oxelman B, Popp M, Dimitrov D.  Colonisation and diversification in the African ‘sky islands’: insights from fossil-calibrated molecular dating of Lychnis L. (Caryophyllaceae). New Phytologist (In revision)

Wondimu T*, Gizaw A*, Mugizi F, Masao C, Abdi A, Gussarova G, Popp M, Nemomissa S, Brochmann C. (* joint first-authorship) (2014). Crossing barriers in an extremely fragmented system: two case studies in the afro-alpine sky island flora. Plant Systematics and Evolution 300: 415-430

Boessenkool S, McGlynn G, Epp L, Taylor D, Pereira M, Gizaw A, Nemomissa S, Brochmann C, Popp M. (2014) Use of ancient sedimentary DNA as a novel conservation tool for high-altitude tropical biodiversity. Conservation Biology 28:446-455

Gizaw A, Kebede M, Nemomissa S, Ehrich D, Bekele B, Mirré V, Popp M, Brochmann C. (2013). Phylogeography of the heathers Erica arborea and E. trimera in the afro-alpine ‘sky islands’ inferred from AFLPs and plastid DNA sequences. Flora 208:453-463

Masao C, Gizaw A, Piñeiro R, Mugizi F, Wondimu T, Abdi A, Popp M, Gussarova G, Lye K, Munishi P, Nemomissa S, Brochmann C. (2013). Phylogeographic history and taxonomy of some afro-alpine grasses assessed based on AFLPs and morphometry: Deschampsia cespitosa, D. angusta and Koeleria capensis. Alpine Botany 123: 107-122

Popp M, Gizaw A, Nemomissa S, Suda J, Brochmann C. (2008). Colonization and diversification in the African ‘sky islands’ by Eurasian Lychnis L. (Caryophyllaceae). Journal of Biogeography 35:1016-1029

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