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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Pedersen, Andreas Skauen Senior Executive Officer +47 22852072
Picture of Oddvar Pedersen Pedersen, Oddvar Senior Engineer +47 22851742
Picture of Hege Røer Pettersen Pettersen, Hege Røer Botanical gardener
Picture of Truong Pham Pham, Truong Graphic designer +47-22851637
Picture of Carla Pueyo Lloret Pueyo Lloret, Carla Adviser +47 22859962
Paalgard, Ellen Munden Adviser
Picture of Mali Hamre Ramsfjell Ramsfjell, Mali Hamre Research Technician
Picture of Ingrid Åstveit Reierstad Reierstad, Ingrid Åstveit Higher Executive Officer +47 22851679 Invoices, Reimbursement, Salary Reporting, Checking program
Picture of Silje Larsen Rekdal Rekdal, Silje Larsen Head Engineer +47 22851762
Picture of Bente Rian Rian, Bente Principal Engineer
Picture of Eirik Rindal Rindal, Eirik Senior Engineer +47 22851872 +47 40224872 Biology, Microscopy, Annual plan, Relocation, Project management
Picture of Elen Roaldset Roaldset, Elen
Roberts, Aubrey Jane Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Geir Arve Rogstad Rogstad, Geir Arve Director of Department +47 22851780 +47 95788867
Picture of Wendy Helen Rosenlund Rosenlund, Wendy Helen Acting Section Manager + 47 90618127
Picture of Siri Rui Rui, Siri Head Engineer +47 22851623
Picture of Marcella Rydmark Rydmark, Marcella Research Coordinator +47 94494094 +47 94494094
Picture of Ann-Helén Rønning Rønning, Ann-Helén Head Engineer +47 22851677 +47 99399709
Picture of Solveig Gjørv Røraas Røraas, Solveig Gjørv Klimahuset, Climate change
Picture of Svein Jakob Saltveit Saltveit, Svein Jakob Senior Research Technician +47 22851724
Picture of Jade Jørgen Michael Sandstedt Sandstedt, Jade Jørgen Michael Researcher +47 98669098 phonology, Old Norse philology, corpus linguistics, linguistic phylogenetics
Picture of James Gabriel Saulsbury Saulsbury, James Gabriel Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Carolann Rachael Schack Schack, Carolann Rachael Postdoctoral Fellow Bryozoa, Evolution, Ecology, Morphology
Picture of Audun Schrøder-Nielsen Schrøder-Nielsen, Audun Head Engineer +47 22851774 +47 93684986
Picture of Abel Gizaw Seid Seid, Abel Gizaw Postdoctoral Fellow