10 fun things to do at our museum

Summer acitvities in the Museum and Botanical Garden in Oslo.

#1 Tropical summer

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Experience tropical plants in the Victoria House. The house was constructed in 1876 to accomodate the beautiful and exotic Victoria waterlilly. If you are lucky, you may also find the lotus blooming. The are fish in the waterlilly pool. Beware - one of the fishes likes to jump up and scare the public!  :-)  
Photo: Guri Dahl

#2 Lunch in the garden

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In the middle of the Botanical Garden you find café Handwerk with ecological and locally produced food. We also have a lawn set aside for picnics if you prefer to bring you own lunch.
Photo: Karsten Sund

#3 The Viking Garden

Our artistically designed Viking Garden shows plants, rocks and animal products which were commonly used by the Vikings. On Sunday August 25th we celebrate our annual Viking Day.
Photo: Natural History Museum

#4 Free guided tours 

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Every Sunday in July and August at 2 pm we offer free guided tours of the Botanical Garden in English. Meeting point: in front of Lids House.
Photo: Guri Dahl.

#5  Norwegian youth demonstrating their concerns about climate change

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Outdoor photo exhibit. 40.000 young people participated in the National School Strike for Climate in march 2019. It was the greatest demonstraton of its kind in Norwegian history. The exhibit is mounted on the fence of the property where our new Climate House is under construction. The house opens in 2020.
Photo: Natural History Museum

#6 A real rock from the moon

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It is fifty years since man first set foot on the moon. Our museum has a genuine stone form the moon picked up by the crew of Apollo 17. Visit our geological exhibitions where you find moon meteorites and spectacular crystals, prescious stones and rare and unique fossils.  
Photo: Tore Oldeide Elgvin

#7 Ida - the world famous fossil

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It is now ten years since the Natural History Museum in Oslo acquired the famous fossil Ida. 47 milion years old, it is the oldest complete primate skeleton in the world.
Photo: Per Aas

#8 Back to the beginning

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The exhibition "Tree of Life" tells the story of life on Earth. Come face to face with your extinct ancestors!
Photo: Karsten Sund

#9 Great-granny's Garden

The plants in Great-granny’s Garden are collected from old gardens in southeastern Norway. Many of them are no longer commercially available, but are preserved here in a living archive. The garden is particularly designed for people suffering from dementia – the familiar scents, old-fashioned benches and other traditional elements have a comforting effect and improve their memory.
Photo: Natural History Museum

Map of the Botanical Garden

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