Stenopterygius hauffianus

Stenopterygius hauffianus
Name: Stenopterygius hauffianus   
Locality: Holzmaden, Germany
Age: Jurassic
Showcase: Marine reptiles showcase

Ichthyosaurs were fish- like marine reptiles. The body was barrel shaped tapering forwards with a long, thin snout full of sharp teeth. They swam by beating the large tail from side to side and steered using the large triangular fin and the paddle-shaped limbs. The large eyes were used during the hunt for food which consisted mainly of fish, shelled ammonites and squid. The largest known specimens exceed 15m in length. Ichthyosaurs are first known from the Triassic and they existed for over 160 million years before becoming extinct during the Cretaceous. The Holzmaden locality is best known for complete specimens, many containing unborn individuals in or around the skeleton.

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Publisert 18. mai 2011 16:00