Fossil name Fossil group Locality Age
Discoceras sp. Nautiloids Norway Ordovician
Discoceras sp. Nautiloids Lier, Buskerud, Norway Ordovician
Endoceras sp. Nautiloids Sweden Early Ordovician
Goniatites sp. + Orthoceras sp. Nautiloids New York, USA Devonian
Lituites sp. Nautiloids Norway Ordovician
Lituitidia sp. Nautiloids Estonia Ordovician
Nautilus pompilius Nautiloids The Indian Ocean Recent
Oncoceras sp. Nautiloids North America Ordovician
Orthoceras sp. Nautiloids The Ostøya island, Norway Ordovician
Orthoceras sp. Nautiloids   Ordovician
Rhynchorthoceras mjoesensis Nautiloids Helgøya, Mjøsa, Norway Middle Ordovician

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Publisert 18. mai 2011 16:00