Giant trilobites

Giant trilobites from Portugal
In 1999 the Paleontological Museum received a gift collection of giant, deformed trilobites from the Early Ordovician of Portugal.
The Portugese faunas differ from those found in the Oslo Region. This is related to the environment in which the trilobites lived; the Oslo Region was closer to the Ordovician equator, while the Portugese faunas lived nearer the south pole. The same phenomenon can be observed from recent arthropod faunas, which contain giant forms in the polar regions.
The trilobites from Portugal include the largest in the world: Uralichas which is >65 cm long. The largest trilobite so far found in Norway is (30 cm) .
The exhibition contains:
- Bathycheilus sp. 3-4 cm
- Bathycheilus sp. 4 cm
- Colcocoryphe sp. 5 cm
- Asaphellus sp. 6 cm
- Neseuretus sp. 7 cm
- Neseuretus sp. 5.5 cm
- Retamaspis sp. 4 cm
- Retamaspis sp. 5 cm
- Placoparia sp. 4.5 cm
- Hungioides sp. 11 cm
- Asaphellus sp. 30 cm
- Asaphellus sp. 20 cm
- Asaphellus sp. 20 cm
- Asaphellus sp. 25 cm

Gift from Manuel Valerio de Figueiredo.
Other trilobites are on display in the trilobite showcase.  
List of contents in the giant trilobites

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