Earth history; Carboniferous

Click on a fossil Calamites sp. Palaeoniscus sp. Stigmaria sp. Tullimonstrum gregarium Tullimonstrum gregarium Alethopteris sp. Polyrhizodus sp. Cladodus sp. Megalichthys hibberti Eoblattina sp. Productus sp. Carboniferous
The first land vertebrates were meat-eaters, while leaves and plants were food for the insects. Many insects developed specialised jaws to open cones and seed pods, others had a kind of sucking straw to drink plant juices. Gigantic dragon flies, with a wingspan of over 60 centimetres, flew among the tree tops. The flying insects show an explosive development towards the end of the Carboniferous. Many kinds of spiders lived on the ground and from the late Carboniferous a millepede with a length of more than 1.8 metres is known. The reptiles and the first plant-eating vertebrates appeared towards the end of the Carboniferous, when changes in climate lead to a drying-out of the swamps, and changes in the vegetation. 
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