List of fossils

List of fossils in historical geology; cambrian

Fossil name Fossil group Locality Age
Archaeocyathid sp. Sponges Spain Cambrian
Archaeocyathid sp. Sponges Flinders Range, Australia Cambrian
Canadaspis sp. Crustaceans Alberta, Canada Cambrian
Holmia sp. Trilobites Ringsaker, Hedmark, Norway Cambrian
Hydrocephalus sp. Trilobites Jince, Böhmen, The Czeck Republic Middle Cambrian, Jince Fm.
Hyolithes sp. Molluscs Krekling, Buskerud, Norway Cambrian
Magnicanalis sp. Brachiopods Ringsaker, Hedmark, Norway Cambrian
Ogygopsis sp. Trilobites Alberta, Canada Cambrian
Paradoxides sp. Trilobites Krekling, Buskerud, Norway Cambrian
Ptychagnostus sp. Trilobites Slemmestad, Asker, Norway Cambrian
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