Fossil name Fossil group Locality Age
Acanthocrinus lingenbachensis Echinoderms Germany Devonian
Acanthocrinus sp. Echinoderms Hunsrück, Germany Early Devonian
Asteroidea indet. Echinoderms Germany Devonian
Cidaris sp. Echinoderms Mallorca, Spain Recent
Codiacrinus sp. Echinoderms Bundenbach, Germany Devonian
Crinoidea indet. Echinoderms USA Carboniferous
Crinoidea indet. Echinoderms The Oslo Region, Norway Ordovician
Crinoidea indet. Echinoderms Malmøya, Oslo, Norway Silurian
Crinoidea indet. Echinoderms Gjettum, Bærum, Norway Silurian
Ctenocrinus sp. Echinoderms Germany Devonian
Dendrocystoides sp. Echinoderms The Czeck Republic Ordovician
Dendrocystoides sp. Echinoderms The Czeck Republic Ordovician
Dendrocystoides sp. Echinoderms The Czeck Republic Ordovician
Echinocorys sp. Echinoderms Denmark Late Cretaceous
Echinocorys sp. Echinoderms Lägerdorf, Hamburg, Germany Late Cretaceous
Echinosphaerites sp. Echinoderms The Oslo region, Norway Ordovician
Echinus sp. Echinoderms   Recent
Echinus sp. Echinoderms   Recent
Encrinus lilliformis Echinoderms Braunschweig, Germany Late Triassic
Eucalyptocrinus sp. Echinoderms Indiana, USA Silurian
Geochoma carinata Echinoderms Eichstätt, Germany Jurassic
Hemicidaris intermedia Echinoderms Novion, France Cretaceous
Hemicidaris intermedia Echinoderms England Jurassic
Holectypus corallinum Echinoderms Poland Jurassic
Mastigophiura grandis Echinoderms Hunsrück, Germany Early Devonian
Micraster sp. & Echinocorys sulcata Echinoderms England Cretaceous
Ophiura sarsi Echinoderms østre Aker, Oslo, Norway Quaternary
Palaeocoma egertoni Echinoderms Dorset, Seatown, UK Jurassic, Lias
Pentremites obesus Echinoderms USA Carboniferous
Phopalocystis destombesi Echinoderms Mprocco Early Ordovician
Phymosoma texana Echinoderms Texas, USA Cretaceous
Protaster miltoni Echinoderms England Silurian
Pseudocidaris mammosa Echinoderms LaRochelle, France Jurassic
Roemeraster aspecula Echinoderms Germany Devonian
Serocrinus sp. Echinoderms Holzmaden, Germany Jurassic

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