The Perfect Shape - Spiral Stories

Spiralformen spiller hovedrollen i paleontolog Øyvind Hammers nye bok The Perfect Shape, hvor han forteller historier fra kunsten, naturen og vitenskapen.

Faksimile: Springer

Tittel: The Perfect Shape - Spiral Stories

Forfatter: Øyvind Hammer

Publiseringsår: 2016

Forlag: Springer

Pris: 199 NOK

Forlagets presentasjon av boka:

This book uses the spiral shape as a key to a multitude of strange and seemingly disparate stories about art, nature, science, mathematics, and the human endeavour. In a way, the book is itself organized as a spiral, with almost disconnected chapters circling around and closing in on the common theme. A particular strength of the book is its extremely cross-disciplinary nature - everything is fun, and everything is connected! At the same time, the author puts great emphasis on mathematical and scientific correctness, in contrast, perhaps, with some earlier books on spirals. Subjects include the mathematical properties of spirals, sea shells, sun flowers, Greek architecture, air ships, the history of mathematics, spiral galaxies, the anatomy of the human hand, the art of prehistoric Europe, Alfred Hitchcock, and spider webs, to name a few.

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