Workshop biomimicry og omvisning i Spør naturen

Learn how nature can help solve your challenges. Biomimicry workshop og omvisning i utstillingen Spør naturen. Oppmøte utenfor Lids hus (Botanisk museum)

Need a new source of innovation?

Foto: Michel Wolfstirn.
Koffertfisken som inspirerte Mercedes-Benz til å lage "Bionic car" - se lenger ned.

Come and find out how biomimicry can help you come up with new sustainable solutions to your design challenges. We’ll have a playful hands-on workshop learning about how to get to sustainable innovation by taking inspiration from nature. This is about seeing both nature and your challenges from a different angle.

This is a multidisciplinary workshop so the more diverse the backgrounds we gather the better! Designers, architects and engineers will definitely benefit from this but we encourage anybody with a sense of curiosity to join us for a workshop alternating theory and hands on exercise. We will together find out how nature can influence your designs going either from a design challenge to biology or from the biology to finding design applications. We’ll be playing around with natural objects and brainstorming design ideas, putting the biomimicry methodology in action!

Workshop in English (workshopen holdes på engelsk).

"Bionic car" fra Mercedes-Benz ble inspirert av koffertfisken. Fra utstillingen Spør naturen. Foto: NHM

Michel Wolfstirn is a biomimicry consultant with a with a french-german M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Arts et Metiers Paris Tech and Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie and currently on a Biomimicry Specialist graduate program offered by the Biomimicry Institute and Arizona State University. After having worked for nearly 8 years in the oil industry, he decided it was time to make a move and balance his karma by contributing more positively to the world through his work. In 2015 he founded BiomimicryNorway in order to promote and practice sustainable innovation inspired by nature and to place Norway on the map of the growing worldwide biomimicry network.

Emneord: biomimicry
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