Around The World In 80 Plants

An inspiring adventure with the author of Around The World In 80 Plants. Each plant has its own amazing story.

Stephen Barstow tells his own story, talks about the benefits of perennial vegetables, the importance of eating seasonally (both for climate, health and soul) and foraging in the wild. Stephen then leads us on an inspiring adventure Around The World In 80 Plants, introducing us to a selection of the author’s top 80 perennial vegetables, with inspiration along the way from local foraging traditions and small scale domestication. Each plant has its own ethnobotanical story to tell; introducing Sherpa vegetables of the Himalayas; forest gardened and foraged vegetables of the Sámi people of Arctic Scandinavia; a super-vegetable of the Maori of New Zealand; an onion with a 1,000 year history linking the author’s home and Iceland ; a plant which earned the name ‘supermarket of the swamps’; the traditional veggie roof gardens of Norway; clifftop perennial vegetables of Dorset’s Jurassic coast; the Hampshire perennial vegetable triangle; Scandinavias best kept secret, a long-lived spinach that climbs; Prince Charles’ Forest Garden, and inspiring multi-species dishes of the Mediterranean countries. Many are completely new to most of us. 

Stephen has devoted over 30 years trialling the world’s perennial vegetables. He grows more than 2,000 edible plants in his garden close to the Arctic Circle in Norway, and in 2003 earned the title ‘Extreme Salad Man’ after creating a salad using 537 varieties, inspired by multi-species Mediterranean dishes. He is an expert in climate-friendly vegetable growing.

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