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Publisert 27. sep. 2019 12:44

In this project we aim to rediscover Nordic plant traditions. Our sources span from Viking age sagas to modern day cookbooks.

blue sky, backlit figure of woman holding a pad. Foliage, grass straws surround her.
Publisert 2. sep. 2019 14:26

Julie Brastein Halvorsen recently defended her MSc thesis, titled "Characterisation and typification of urban ecosystem types: a test of the NiN system".

Publisert 29. aug. 2018 07:40


Publisert 4. mai 2017 14:28

Large-scale research project in molecular plant identification, led by NHM researcher Hugo de Boer, is granted 40 million NOK from the European Union.

Publisert 31. mai 2011 08:54