Persons tagged with «Speciation»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Brysting, Anne Krag Professor +47 22857577 +47 90566051 (mob) Botany, Phylogeography, Phylogenetics, Plant systematics, Plants, Polyploidy, Speciation
Ekeberg, Ingvild Myhre Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90672567 (mob) Evolutionary biology, Speciation, Fungi, Population genomics, Biogeography
Eroukhmanoff, Fabrice Researcher Divergence: neutral and adaptive, Genetic constraints, Local adaptation, Parallel evolution, Phenotypic integration, Reproductive isolation, Adaptation, Hybridization, Quantitative genetics, Speciation
Hermansen, Jo Skeie Researcher +47 482 00 409 (mob) Evolution, Speciation, Hybridization, Disease Ecology, Macroevolution
Johnsen, Arild Professor +47 22851860 Evolution, Zoology, Systematics, Speciation, Behavioural ecology, Sexual selection, Sperm competition
Koppetsch, Thore Doctoral Research Fellow Phylogenomics, Speciation, Hybridization, Vertebrates, Evolution, Zoology, Herpetology
Lü, Dabao Sun Doctoral Research Fellow +47 95820072 (mob) Mycology, Evolutionary biology, Speciation, Fungi, Phylogeography, Population genomics, Population genetics
Magnussen, Trude Postdoctoral Fellow +47 41540366 (mob) Biogeography, Entomology, Systematics, Biodiversity, Diptera, Speciation
Matschiner, Michael Associate Professor Phylogenomics, Speciation, Hybridization, Vertebrates
Skrede, Inger Associate Professor +47 22854555 +47 92434694 (mob) Comparative genomics, Fungi, Speciation, Biogeography, Population genomics, Evolutionary genomics
Sætre, Glenn-Peter Professor +47 22857291 +47 22273138 (mob) Evolutionary biology, Speciation, Hybridization, Birds, Sexual selection, Sex chromosomes, Population genetics
Voje, Kjetil Lysne Researcher +47 22854577 +47 92611880 (mob) Evolution, Speciation, Macroevolution
Whittington, Emma Postdoctoral Fellow +47 92303142 (mob) Sperm Biology, Speciation, Evolution, Proteomics