Persons tagged with «Salary payments»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Alm, Tove Senior Executive Officer +47 22841029 +4741453839 (mob) Salary payments
Fjeldstad, Peik Paul Senior Adviser +47 22841036 Counselling, Application management, SAPUiO, HR system, Salary payments
Gaard, Eli Molven Senior Executive Officer +47 22841037 Salary payments
Haugen-Welo, Beth Karen Sofie Senior Executive Officer +47 22856057 Salary payments
Jørgensrud, Nina Adviser +47 22856160 Salary payments, Training, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reconciliation
Kilenzi, James Hannington Senior Executive Officer +47 22856315 Salary payments
Kjeldsrud, Nina Adviser +47 22855781 Salary payments
Kolstad, Vigdis Senior Executive Officer +47 22855774 Salary payments
Mumtaz, Simon Senior Executive Officer +47 22858665 Salary payments
Revil, Anne Lau Adviser +47 22854472 Salary payments, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit
Sporsheim, Monica Adviser +47 22857904 Salary payments
Thue, Torbjørn Higher Executive Officer +47 22856823 Salary payments
Tyskerud, Paul Senior Executive Officer +47 22841030 Reimbursements, Salary payments
Vijiyakumar, Ranjalee Higher Executive Officer +47 22841028 Salary payments