Persons tagged with «Reimbursements»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aulin, Thomas Adviser +47 22858666 Travel, Reimbursements, Advances, ePhorte, Safety representative
Bråthen, Heidi Senior Executive Officer +47 22844457 Invoices, Purchaser, Employment Contracts, Travel, Reimbursements, Fee
Børing, Mette Senior Executive Officer +47 22854310 Absence, Reimbursements, Purchasing
Carlosama, Monica Carvajal Senior Adviser +47 22856234 +47 93480650 (mob) Accounting, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reporting, Reimbursements
Låtun, Ann-Christine Alderin Section Manager +47 22856241 +47 95199391 (mob) Management, Salary, Fee, Travel, Reimbursements, Absence
Rodriguez, Carlos Romeo Higher Executive Officer +47 22840500 +47 95205142 (mob) UiO-noark, Oracle, Cristin, Signs and directions, ePhorte, Mail and postage, Voucher, Reimbursements, Certificates, Invoices, Basware, Reception, Purchasing, Mail room
Sak, Malgorzata Magdalena Senior Executive Officer +47 23071341 Purchasing, Invoices, Reimbursements, eOmpostering, Sending invoices, Voucher-based salaries, Web Publishing, Research Seminars
Solberg, Tarjei Senior Executive Officer +47 22858551 Reimbursements, Voucher based salary, Invoice processing, Accounting, Procurement
Stageberg, Kari Adviser +47 22841031 Travel, Reimbursements, Advances
Strømvoll, Anne Adviser +47 22856319 Advances, Reimbursements, Travel
Tyskerud, Paul Senior Executive Officer +47 22841030 Reimbursements, Salary payments