Persons tagged with «Organisational Development»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Gangsøy, Renathe Senior Adviser Competence development, Leadership development, Project management, HR development, Organisational development
Gravklev, Ellen Svendby Senior Adviser +47 22854476 +47 95100467 (mob) Project Management, Process management, Organisational development
Haugsland, Lin Anett Otterøen Senior Adviser +47 93444303 (mob) Process and project management, Process support, Organisational development, Corporate governance
Kaas, Astrid Waaler Head of Office +47 22855018 Strategic planning, organisational development, HES, Recruitment, Personnel management
Lomell, Lars Section Manager +47 22840703 +4792290101 (mob) Project management, organisational development, flexible learning, student active learning, learning spaces, video production
Løvbak, Hege Elisabeth Administrative Manager +47 22854053 +47 92042455 (mob) Management, Strategy, Organisational development, Competence development
Pein, Ulrik Senior Adviser Organisational development, Project coordination
Sandberg, Anita Senior Adviser +47 90614459 (mob) Strategy, Management, Organisational development
Strømsholm, Ingvild Doctoral Research Fellow Digitalization, Digital Innovation, Health Information Systems, Leadership Development, Organisational Development
Valmot, Sidsel Gunn Senior Adviser +47 22856178 +47 91657409 (mob) Competence development, Leadership development, Organisational development