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Publisert 26. mars 2019 16:00

Peter and Eva have been to NCAR in Boulder, Colorado to learn about the Community Terrestrial Systems Model (CTSM) and its new vegetation module, the Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES). Eva will introduce the models, and Peter will talk about his experience using FATES.

Publisert 16. feb. 2018 09:43

The GEco group covers several research topics and uses a variety of methods and tools. In addition to the externally funded projects listed on the front page, we also research:

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Publisert 8. mars 2013 17:36

The GEco group aims to integrate biological, ecological and geological knowledge, as well as the varying effects of human influence on nature.

Publisert 21. jan. 2019 14:31

A new PhD fellow in GEco - Eva L. Eriksen - will be working on dynamic ecological modelling.  The PhD project will focus on the spatial dynamics of plants in relation to climate change, as a part of GEco’s collaboration with the LATICE network and the recently funded EMERALD and INCLINE projects. Professor Olav Skarpaas is the main supervisor.

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Publisert 29. nov. 2021 09:48

Adam Eindride Naas is our new PhD student, and will do his PhD as part of the project "Modelling Ecological state and Condition Maps to support knowledge-based decision-making in Area management and spatial Planning" (ECoMAP).