Persons tagged with «Methodology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andenæs, Agnes Professor +47 22845214 Cultural and Community Psychology, Methodology, Social Psychology
Czajkowski, Nikolai Olavi Associate Professor +47-22845163 Methodology, Personality psychology
Ebrahimi, Omid V. Double-degree PhD Student Clinical Psychology, Methodology, Psychopathology, Complex Systems, Psychometrics
Eilertsen, Dag Erik Associate Professor +47 22845208 Cognitive psychology, Social Psychology, Methodology, Personality psychology
Fostervold, Knut Inge Associate Professor +47 22845057 +47 90947827 (mob) Work and organisational psychology, Methodology
Hellevik, Ottar Comparative Politics, Methodology, Values, Quality of life, Inequality, Public Opinion
Høyland, Bjørn Professor Comparative politics, Methodology, EU, Legislative politics
Langford, Malcolm Professor +61 422 566 520 (mob) Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Socio-Legal Studies, International Economic Law, International Development, Methodology
Langsæther, Peter Egge Postdoctoral Fellow Comparative Politics, Political Behaviour, Elections, Cleavages, Methodology, Statistics
Lie, Runar Hilleren Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859431 International Investment Law, Energy law, Socio-Legal Studies, International Economic Law, International Development, Methodology, Computational legal studies
Nilsen, Ida Bekke Rønneberg Research Assistant Cognitive psychology, Methodology
Sundet, Jon Martin Emeritus +47-22845206 Clinical psychology and personality psychology, Methodology, Emeritus
Sørensen, Øystein Associate Professor +47 98806283 (mob) Cognitive neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Statistics, Methodology
Søyland, Martin Researcher +47 93662683 Comparative Politics, Methodology, Statistics, Parliamentarism
Torvik, Fartein Ask Associate Professor +47-21 07 83 07 (office) Methodology
Ulleberg, Pål Associate Professor +47 22845339 Work and organisational psychology, Methodology