Persons tagged with «Media»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Mangaoang, Áine Researcher +4722854758 Music and Media, Musicology, Media, Popular Music, Cultural history, Ethnomusicology, Music and Society, Music History, Nordic, Social media
Melteig, Elina Journalist and science communication 905 61 361 (mob) 90561361 Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN, Communication
Michailidou, Asimina Senior Researcher +47 22 85 87 06 European public sphere, Media, Internet, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Mühleisen, Wencke Guest Researcher Media, Gender Studies, Sexuality, Queer Theory, Intimacy
Owens, Emilie Doctoral Research Fellow Children and Media, Media, Digital media, Cultural Studies, Childhood Studies, Practice Theory, Posthumanism, Ecocriticism, Feminist theory
Pepe, Teresa Associate Professor +47 22854126 Arabic, Language, Literature, Media, History, Middle East, CIMS, Environmental Humanities, miljøhumaniora
Roeren, Anastasia Kriachko Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856890 Eastern Europe, Russia, Balkans, Media use and media effects, Multimodal texts, Nationalism, Nation-building, National identity, Media, Image, Documentary, Archives, Memory
Tidemann, Aleksander Department Engineer and Lecturer +47 93453901 Engineer, Rooms, Studios, Labs, Special equipment, Infrastructure, IT, Technologies, Media