Persons tagged with «Energy»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Amedjkouh, Mohamed Associate Professor +47 22857009 +47 90412166 (mob) Catalysis, Organic chemistry, Energy, SMN, Chemistry
Bakken, Vebjørn Director of UiO:Energy +47-22857072 +47-45458107 (mob) Energy, Sustainability, Solar Energy
Barrott, Tyler Doctoral Research Fellow Africa, Aid, Corporate Communications and PR, Corporate Engagement in Development Policy, CSR, Development, Global South, Energy, Tanzania, Nordic Model, Norway, Oil & Gas, Appalachia
Benth, Fred Espen Professor +47 22855892 +47 99262384 (mob) Mathematics, Energy, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Fjellvåg, Helmer Professor +47 22855564 +47 22227317 (mob) Energy
Grochowicz, Aleksander Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Energy, Dynamical Systems, Energy systems, Uncertainty analyses
Grue, John Professor +47 22855839 +47 41607182 (mob) Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Energy
Grønli , Katinka Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47 22 85 74 73 +47 92 01 23 90 (mob) Energy, Environment, Climate
Hovi, Jon Professor +47 22855192 +47 48022904 (mob) 48022904 International Politics, Climate Politics, Climate Agreements, Enforcement, Participation, Compliance, Game theory, Energy
Kaasen, Knut Professor +47 22859773 +47 41688651 (mob) Petroleum Law, Property and Bankruptcy law, Energy, Contract Law
Lillerud, Karl Petter Professor +47 22855457 +47 98685018 (mob) Energy, SMN, Catalysis, Chemistry
Nielsen, Kirsten Milo Tromborg Doctoral Research Fellow +4560198351 (mob) Neoliberal development, Infrastructures, Energy, Sustainability, Trust, Conflict Studies
Nilsen, Ola Professor +47 22855558 +47 99476424 (mob) 99476424 Chemistry, Inorganic materials chemistry, Energy
Olsbye, Unni Professor +4722855456 unni.olsbye(at) Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy
Redekop, Evgeniy Researcher +47 22855451 Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy
Rekstad, John B. Professor emeritus - Nuclear Physics +47 22856475 +47 905 85 390 (mob) Nuclear physics, Solar Energy, Energy
Rinholm, Johanne Egge Lecturer Brain and nervous system, Myelin, Energy, Metabolism, Mitocondria, White matter, Lactate
Svelle, Stian Professor +47 22855454 +47 90126878 (mob) Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy
Tilset, Mats Professor +47 22855502 +47 97181498 (mob) Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy
Underdal, Arild Professor emeritus International Politics, International cooperation, Energy, International environmental governance, International institutions, international negotiations
Vindegg, Mikkel Senior Lecturer 95152486 Energy, Nepal, State, Labour, Infrastructure, Development, Climate and environment, Economic Anthropology, Consumption, Materiality, Globalisation
Voigt, Christina Professor +47 228 50246 +47 46808546 (mob) Environmental law, Climate law, Sustainable development, Energy, Energy Law
Winther, Tanja Professor and Head of research centre Include +47-22858915 Energy, Electricity, Gender, Practice, Sustainable development, Africa, Asia, Norway, Consumption and Wellbeing, India, Global South, Europe