Persons tagged with «Criminology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Allvin, Annica Doctoral Research Fellow +47 40471529 criminology, crime, sociology, prevention
Boyle, Rose Elizabeth Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850140 +47 22850140 (mob) 92331161 Criminology, prison, substance use, recovery, user involvement
Foshaugen, Marina Hiller Doctoral Research Fellow Criminology, Crime and deviance, Policing
Frith, Michael James Postdoctoral Fellow Crime, Criminology, Spatial analyses, Temporal analyses, Network analyses, Choice modelling, Quantitative methods
Houge, Anette Bringedal Postdoctoral Fellow 99224698 Sociology of Law, International Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice, Criminology, War and conflict, Criminalization, Gender, Conflict-related sexual violence, Sexual violence, Torture, Institutional responses, Institutional knowledge and knowledge transfer
Nordahl Berntsen , Benedicte PhD student +47 9124544 (mob) Sociology, criminology, Social inequality, social mobility, Quantitative methods
S.B. Lie, Martine Doctoral Research Fellow Criminology, international and European environmental law, green criminology, animal protection, animal welfare, agricultural policy
Sollund, Ragnhild Professor +47 22850124 +47 92863397 (mob) Criminology, Sociology of Law, Gender, Crime and deviance, Marginalisation, Green criminology, Wildlife crime, Animal abuse