Persons tagged with «Archaeology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aannestad, Hanne Lovise Senior Engineer +47 22859980 Archaeology, Collection management, Viking Age
Andrews, Murray Associate Professor Archaeology, Numismatics, Medieval, Economic History
Austvoll, Knut Ivar Senior Lecturer +47 22850314 Archaeology, Bronze Age, Neolithic, Social Organization, Political Economy
Berg-Hansen, Inger Marie Associate Professor +47 22851913 +47 41688955 (mob) Archaeology, Stone Age, Lithic Technology, Technology, Material culture, Stone Age Survey, Landscape archaeology, Hunter-gatherers
Blakeney, Rebecca Angelica Doctoral Research Fellow archaeobotany, medieval medicine, archaeology
Bonelli, Letizia Head Engineer +47 92170450 3D scanning, Documentation, Archaeology
Boulaziz, Meriem Senior Executive Officer +47 22854186 Archaeology, Conservation, Student administration, Student advisor, Courses, Exams
Brandt, Johann Rasmus +47393333840680 (mob) 943 28 984 / 0039 333 3840 680 Archaeology
Brunstad, Stine Urke PhD candidate archaeology, Iron Age, Runology, Archaeology, Theory and method, Viking Age
Bruvoll, Hallvard Nikolai Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850360 PhD candidate archaeology, Archaeology, Neolithic, Settlement patterns, Fractals
Coulson, Sheila Dawn Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22841906 Archaeology, Stone Age, Ethnoarchaeology
Fredriksen, Per Ditlef Professor +47 22841911 Archaeology, Iron Age, Southern African Archaeology, Theory, Method, Ethnoarchaeology, Critical Heritage Studies
Fuglestvedt, Ingrid Professor +47-22841941 Archaeology, Stone Age, Theory and method
Handberg, Søren Associate Professor +47 22841909 Classical Archaeology, Archaeology, Cultural history, Greek and Roman History, Kalydon in Aitolia, Social archaeology
Havgar, Margrethe Doctoral Research Fellow - TexRec (+47) 94109987 margrethe.havgar(a) Archaeology, Archaeological dissemination, Dissemination, Viking Age, Iron Age, Heritage
Hedeager, Lotte Archaeology, Iron Age
Jahnsen, Sofie Scheen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841946, +47 93603538 Archaeology, Museums and Museology, Heritage Studies
Karpinska, Klaudia Dominika Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859595 Arkeologi, Archaeology, Arkeozoologi, Archaeozoology, Vikingtid, Viking Age, Vikingtids graver, Viking Age Graves, Graver, Graves
Knirk, James Edward Archaeology, Runology
Kristensen, Steinar Senior Engineer +47 22859676 +47 90178298 (mob) GIS, Archaeology, Field documentation, Intrasis, RPAS, Drones, Iron Age, Board game, Photogrammetry, RTI, Databases, MUSIT
La Rosa, Lorenza Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841907 Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Material Culture, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Lund, Julie Associate Professor +47 22841941 Archaeology, Viking Age
Lørdahl, Lars Erik Academic Librarian +47 22844221 Library, History, Archaeology, EndNote, Photo, Archaeology Library
Matsumoto, Mieko Researcher +47 22859599 Archaeology
McGraw, Jessica Leigh Project Manager Archaeology, Iron Age, Settlement Archaeology, Viking Age, Urbanization, Crafts and Production, Insular metalwork, Viking Age Art styles
Moen, Marianne Senior Adviser +47 99889630 Archaeology
Mossolova, Anna Postdoctoral Fellow Ethnography, Archaeology, Arctic, Material culture, Heritage, Social Anthropology
Næss, Ellen Marie Lecturer +47 22135287 +47 99713602 Viking Age, Archaeology, Norse mythology, Exhibitions, Education
Pedersen, Unn Associate Professor +47 22841999 Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Prescott, Christopher Professor +47 22841936 +4791578914 (mob) +47 91578914 Archaeology, cultural heritage
Pétursdóttir, Þóra Associate Professor +47-22841948 +47-92077735 Archaeology, Archaeological theory, Contemporary archaeology, Cultural heritage, Environmental Humanities
Roland, Håkon Professor +47 22859948 +47 47273257 (mob) +47 472 73 257 Archaeology, Numismatics, Heritage, Cultural Heritage Crime
Rustad, Julianne Senior Adviser +47 22841935 +47-47959930 Research school, PhD coordinator, Archaeology, ERC, Creative IPR, Project management, Modern history
Røstad, Ingunn Marit Associate Professor +47 22859622 Archaeology, jewellery
Schülke, Almut Professor +47 22851977 +47 94525165 (mob) Archaeology, Stone Age, landscape archaeology, ritual, burial, mobility
Siwicki, Christopher Postdoctoral Fellow Ancient History, Rome, Architecture, Architectural History, Urbanism, Classics, Archaeology
Skogsfjord, Anne Adviser +47 22845947 Numismatics, Archaeology
Skogstrand, Lisbeth Researcher +47 95906508 (mob) Archaeology, Iron Age, Bronze Age, Gender, Identity, Burial rites, Theory and method
Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter Senior Lecturer +47 22841910 +47 91740072 (mob) Archaeology, Identity politics, Heritage, Contemporary archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Spiwak, Alexa Deanne Doctoral Research Fellow 46114950 archaeology, industrial archaeology, contemporary archaeology, historical archaeology, quarrying, conservation, Anthropocene
Sættem, Anette Adviser +47 22859943 Archaeology
Vedeler, Marianne Professor +47 22859569 +4798654089 Archaeology, Textiles and Clothing, Medieval Archaeology, Food culture, Collection management
Viestad, Vibeke Maria Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841904 Archaeology, Dress, Rock Art, Hunter-gatherers, Museum collections, Knowledge production, Southern African Archaeology
Walker, Samuel James Postdoctoral Fellow Zooarchaeology, Archaeology, Palaeoecology, Nordic, Birds
Wangen, Vivian Researcher +47 22859649 Archaeology
Wright, David Keith Professor +47 22841942 Archaeology, Archaeometry, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Geographic Information Systems
Østmo, Einar Archaeology
Østmo, Mari Arentz Adviser +47 22859845 Archaeology