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Intern kalender


Tid og sted: 17. feb. 2015 - 19. feb. 2015, Rondande

Gruppeseminar for forskergruppe "PET" - Plant Evolution and DNA Metabarcoding


Tid og sted: 23. jan. 2015 10:15, Waldemar C. Brøggers hus (Geologisk museum) - auditorium

Depositional history of Late Ordovician – earliest Silurian storm dominated shelf, incised valley and open marine settings, inner Oslofjorden islands (Oslo Region)

Tid og sted: 21. jan. 2015 11:30, Tøyen hovedgård

The student Activity Commitee has its first event for graduate students and postdocs.

Tid og sted: 9. jan. 2015 13:15, Tøyen hovedgård

Louis Boumans ved Naturhistorisk museum vil forsvare sin avhandling "Speciation, sexual communication and reproductive barriers in Northern Hemisphere stoneflies (Plecoptera, Arctoperlaria)." for ph.d.-graden.

Tid og sted: 8. jan. 2015 15:15, Auditorium, Robert Colletts house (Zoological Museum)

Guest lecture by Dr. Michael T. Monaghan Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater  Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) Berlin.