Adulteration in herbal medicine: What does DNA tell us about authenticity and fraud?

Do you prefer herbal remedies over modern pharmaceuticals? Are herbal remedies more natural and safe? Do these always contain what is on the label? Forensic analyses can tell us a lot and more.

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Herbal medicines and food supplements are popular as remedies for benign ailments, but any product containing plants also contains bioactive secondary metabolites. Some plant ingredients are easy to obtain while others are expensive, and the increasing demand and high value of these products creates an incentive for producers to substitute ingredients. Research at the museum has delved deeper into the biological composition of herbal medicines using DNA analysis and has revealed some surprising results. Join us at Tøyen Hovedgård on Sunday November 12 at 14:00 to learn more about herbal medicines and DNA analysis of St. Johns wort, Echinacea and orchids.

Tags: herbal medicine, fraud, DNA, barcoding
Published Oct. 16, 2017 9:50 AM - Last modified Oct. 16, 2017 9:52 AM