Visiting NHM

Geological exhibitions

The geological exhibitions in W. C. Brøggers hus are closed to the public. The finest items from the geological exhibitions can be seen in the exhibition "Stones and bones" in Colletts hus (Zoological museum).

Zoological exhibitions

Here you will find animals from every part of the world. In a series of dioramas, Norwegian fauna is displayed in a natural setting. You can study predators like bear, lynx, wolf and wolverine up close. Here is also the Zoogeographic and the Systematic Halls, as well as temporary exhibitions.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1814 and display a wide variety of plants from Norway and other parts of the world. Through research, education and plant conservation, the garden seeks to increase public awareness of the importance of plant diversity. The Botanical Garden contains approximately 5500 different plant species. The beautiful Rock garden, with its waterfalls and 1450 species of alpine plants, is one of the many highlights.


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