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Nature types in Norway (NiN)

NiN is a long-term project, with the aim of summarising knowledge of nature-type variation in Norway. NiN was initiated in 2005 by the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, which also provides financial support for the project. In the first phase of NiN development, from 2006 to 2009, a group of experts, lead by Prof. Rune Halvorsen at the NHM, elaborated principles for this new system for dividing Norway into nature types and describing variation in Norwegian nature. NiN version 1.0 was published in 2009. A second phase of NiN development was initiated in 2012, and is planned to end with publishing of NiN version 2.0 in 2014.

NiN is based on the definition of a nature type in the new Nature Diversity Act of 2009. NiN constitutes the knowledge basis for implementing the instrument ‘selected habitat types’, and was used as the platform for assessment of nature types for the first issue of the national Red List for Ecosystems and Nature Types, published in 2011. The NiN system is currently increasingly used in a number of areas, i.e. for mapping of natural variation, for monitoring of nature types, and for different research activities.

“Naturtypebasen” (Norwegian only) describes the NiN system and its theoretical basis and includes keys for "determination" of nature types, descriptions of the types and of sources of variation in nature. More than one thousand photographs are included to illustrate the nature types and the environmental conditions that vary within and between the types. A system like NiN will never be finished, but will need continued development and upgrading as we get new knowledge about the Norwegian nature.

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