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The Norwegian centre for paleontology was established in 2009 with special focus on the following main areas:

Lower Paleozoic of the Oslo Region

  • Paleozoic trilobites and non-trilobitic arthropods
  • Systematics and ecology of Ordovocian and Silurian bryozoans
  • Systematics and ecology of Ordovocian and Silurian brachiopods
  • Ordovician trilobites
    Responsible researcher: David L. Bruton

Upper Paleozoic of the Arctic

Mesozoic of Svalbard

Evolution and biology of Mesozoic and early Cenozoic higher vertebrates

  • Mesozoic mammals and early primates
  • Marine reptiles from the Jurassic of Svalbard
  • Dinosaurs from Norway and Svalbard

Off-shore Cenozoic biostratigraphy, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology

  • Radiolarians
    Responsible researcher: Kjell R. Bjørklund
  • Foraminiferans

Mathematics in geology

Masteroppgaver i paleontologi

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