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Norwegian center for paleontology

Paleontology, the study of plants and animals and the rocks containing them, has a long tradition at the Natural History Museum. Research at the museum is based on the contained collections amounting to well over 1.7 million specimens but this number is being constantly increased as the result of ongoing field work and research. The focus has always been on fossils from the Lower Palaeozoic rocks of the Oslo Region and rocks both older and younger from the Arctic Archipelago. To this can be added fossils from the Norwegian continental shelf, land-based Quaternary deposits and from fossils resulting from special collecting trips abroad.

Radiolarien Lophospyris pentagona
Røntgenbilde av en trilobitt, devon, Tyskland
Utgraving av ryggvirvler
Ryggvirvler av en 150 millioner år gammel plesiosaur – en svaneøgle – fra Svalbard.
Fossil av mosdyr
Nettmønstret bryozo (mosdyr) fra Svalbard, ca 270 millioner år gammel.
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