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  • Rekdal SL, Anmarkrud JA, Johnsen A, Lifjeld JT (2017) Genotyping strategy matters when analyzing hypervariable MHC - experience from a passerine bird. Ecology and Evolution (in press).


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  • Johnsen A, Kearns AM, Omland KE, Anmarkrud JA (2017) Sequencing of the complete mitochondrial genome of the common raven Corvus corax (Aves: Corvidae) confirms mitogenome-wide deep lineages and a paraphyletic relationship with the Chihuahuan raven C. cryptoleucus. PLoS ONE 12(10): e0187316. Open Access.
  • Johnsen A, Pauliny A, Lifjeld JT, Blomqvist D (2017) Is telomere length associated with mate choice in a songbird with a high rate of extra-pair paternity? PLoS ONE 12(8): e0182446. Open Access.
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  • Støstad HN, Rekdal SL, Kleven O, Laskemoen T, Marthinsen G, Johnsen A, Lifjeld JT (2016) Weak geographical structure in sperm morphology across the range of two willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus subspecies in Scandinavia. Journal of Avian Biology 47: 731-741. Abstract

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